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Tuesday, 20 November 2018 10:11

Monastic Experiential Program – Brilliant Jewel in Life


In the span of the experiential monastic program, instructing sanghas were very watchful with every student. By implementing strict disciplines, students get to experience the different daily activities as monastics. By being mindful with daily activities, we get to experience great concentration. It is to position our mind with “one-pointedly with mindfulness”. 

20181115-brilliant-jewel-in-life-2What is “one-pointed mindfulness”? When the mind is placed on a single object of focus, right on spot without being scattered. Chan practice is the way to develop such mindfulness. We’ve been wandering in the samsara for too long. We are fortunate to have a comfortable living for this life. There are too many suffering ones in the world, we are very fortuanate to cross the right path in this life.

I see that many of you are over fifty, halfway through life. Take some time and reflect – have we taken proper actions? Have we maintained virtuous intention? Have we optimized our application with this human body? Most of us are mixed with virtuous and non-virtuous actions, some negativities outweigh the positive.

Where will we end up in samsara? 

20181115-brilliant-jewel-in-life-3Fortunately, we’ve understood that the goal of life is the unarising and unceasing state through the learning of Buddhadharma and Chan. Chan practice brings us back to the primordial spiritual state, or so-called, “emptiness”. That would be genuine liberation from suffering and attainment of happiness.

Chan practice helps to settle our mind so the pure awareness is distilled from impurities. We cannot recreate spirituality because it is clear as it is primordially. We just have to find it and recover it. Chan is to uncover our original face, our nature. Rediscover that primoridial state before birth and this compounded body. But how? Chan practice is a method to trace and perceive our spirituality. Once detected, we’ll know who we are.

This mind is like a brilliant jewel and the most precious thing in life. We practice Dharma to find this jewel, the primordial state of mind. The four-step technique of Ling Jiou Mountain’s Peace Meditation trains to develop concentration and clarity. The steps are geared towards the navigation to our primordial state of mind.


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