Wednesday, 24 June 2020 10:35

Summer Term Monastic Retreat – Abiding in the Original Face

Summer Term Monastic Retreat – Abiding in the Original Face Ten-day of Summer Term Monastic Retreat was concluded on June 17th, 2020. We’ve gone through the pandemic from the most intense situation to current control. Most of you are very used to the vigorous lifestyle of monasticism. We have been living as a group under a strict schedule. This helps to regulate our habits and intentions back on the track of self-disciplinary. In other words, we're training to purify one's intention. Yet, in daily life, we must engage in all virtues by all means. 

Summer Term Monastic Retreat – Abiding in the Original Face No thoughts should arise during Chan practice. Bring the thoughts back to the concentration of the mind. Slowly, our mind and emptiness will unite in oneness. Emptiness is the mind and vice versa. Not a single thought parts from the awareness that is primordially luminous. Be sure to reflect on our luminous primordial wisdom with every thought that arises.

The contemplative analysis is "knowing", or clear understanding. Our awareness is clear and self-luminous. Such luminosity never fades. It is formless and notionless that is free from any physical conditioning. This self-luminous awareness has always been our original face.

Summer Term Monastic Retreat – Abiding in the Original Face If we like Chan practice, be sure to uphold our awareness in the practice. Eventually, conceptual elaboration will lessen. As well, we’d become more focused and distant from afflictions and attachments. Gradually, we’d mingle with the nature of mind and uncover our original face. Hence, we should practice accordingly with the Four-step Technique of LJM's Peace Meditation. Take the time to practice and we will return to the origin of stabilization, freedom, and bliss.

As we've completed the retreat, I hope you all could continue good care with your awareness and clarity. We’re ever so troubled and confused by living, dying, and afflictions. That is why we must return to the root of all, the source of everything all the time.

夏季僧眾閉關-安住心的面貌 自性光明