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Authentic Practitioner of Compassion and Chan

Authentic Practitioner of Compassion and Chan

Build our lives based on bodhicitta that is egoless. As long as we are still living, we should strive to dedicate it to the wisdom and virtues of sentient beings. Let go of our ego and give ourselves completely. Life is too short and impermanent.

Authentic Practitioner of Compassion and ChanAs transient as life is, we must give as much as we can. Being able to dedicate even just a little bit could make our lives worthwhile for that bit. If one doesn’t give at all, one's presence might only be a karmic obstacle. This body is merely an obstacle to claim karmic debt or repay the debt. What is the point? If we could utilize this body to engage in meritorious acts, how much could we make? Many people are unaware of this benefit. They often position themselves in a demeriting environment. Not only this lifetime, one might not find the serenity in many lifetimes to come.

Authentic Practitioner of Compassion and ChanBeing a member of Ling Jiou Mountain (LJM), we must present our Chan and compassion fully. Chan is about bringing the mind into concentration. The purpose is to cultivate wisdom. If not, what would happen? Conflicts and difficulties are everywhere among you, me, and them. "What a poor life I have. How could life pull such a joke on me?" As our wisdom uncovers, we'd find it everything to be easy and smooth to work with. "How good is it! How could I have such a good life? Why is everything so smooth?” As we’ve attained enlightenment, no obstacles could be in our way. Before the perfect enlightenment, we’d find challenges everywhere.

Compassion is the love of all. All appearances are Guan Yin with great love. Chan is a state of being free from the delusion of the five skandhas and forms. How so? We are not caught in sounds or forms but concentration. What do we focus on? Anything concerning daily activities like eating, clothing, living, and walking requires concentration. It is Chan when your mind remains undisturbed. Apply Chan and compassion in life. Do not leave them on words. What's the use of only making a speech without actions? By taking actions, we are experimenting and verifying the truth. Every one of us is to be an authentic and compassionate practitioner.

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