Monday, 06 May 2019 17:18

European Chan Program – Freeing Spirituality

European Chan Program – Freeing Spirituality

On May 3rd, 2019, we commenced the yearly program on Chan practice in Europe. Our first stop is to hold a 3-day Chan in Berghof, Germany. On the first day, we were touched by the first spring snow. It signified auspiciousness for our European program.

European Chan Program – Freeing SpiritualityChan practice is to rediscover our primordial state. At birth, where did we come from? Upon death, where are we going? Are we aware of our whereabouts? That's why we must learn and apply shamatha and stillness to cease our mind of the past, future, and present. Through shamatha and stillness, we can examine and reflect on our original face.

In the Four-step Technique of Ling Jiou Mountain’s Peace Meditation, we concentrate on inhaling and exhaling. We become focused in the process of “bringing your attention from the eyes to the nose, from the nose to the mouth, and from the mouth to the heart”. With such attention, we can examine the nature of our mind. It is clear, luminous, and notionless. A mind with such purity, innocence, and free from distraction – is like a piece of gold after refinement. Pure gold without any impurities. It will never corrode.

European Chan Program – Freeing SpiritualityIt isn’t easy to maintain such clarity and luminosity. One must familiarize it repeatedly until we’ve become pure gold from rough ore. By practicing with such concentration, we can uncover our primordial awareness.

Through Chan practice, one can trace back the root of all dharmas. We can rediscover our genuine spirituality by practicing Chan. Such spirituality can’t be substituted. Sitting meditation is not based on any phenomenon. Chan practice allows our spirituality to become crystal clear. Such clarity is always there. It is unchanging and pervasive. It doesn't attach to any phenomena. We see the truth and live our lives with "non-abidance”.

“Non-abidance” is well connected with our original face. Our spirituality is free of binding in life. Don't let it be abducted or deceived by anything. This is called, "the mind of non-abidance", a state at ease. This is a mental state at ease. Sitting meditation can free our spirituality. How? When it's no longer fixated to be anything, it's free.